Nimateck was established back in 1993 and the name is the combination on Nima (bundle in Greek) and Teck (from Tec(K)onstantinos) wich is the name of the founder. The main goal is to provide R&D and/or final products regarding various applications where composites apply.

Some of our R&D and production products over the years has been the making of carbon fiber wheels, frames, elliptical tubes and the list goes on.



Starting from prototypes to final products, we support all “path” in house. Design, modelling clay prototypes,molds and final parts is just a sample of Nimateck’s capabilities. 

Do you have an idea? We can create it!



3D design: In house and use of CNC machines to deliver the best product for the application required.

Welding: All kinds of metals or non metals, starting from steel to aluminum 7020, ChroMoly 4130 and Titanium are welded by us.

Frames: Are constructed in house by certified welders and attention to detail is our key element.


Tailor made Motorcycles

Do you have an idea for your ideal motorcycle? We can create it!

One of a kind motorcycles is our passion, everything is made by us,carbon fiber fuel tanks, fairings, tails, frames, exhaust pipes,leather seats with silver stitching, check our Custom section to get ideas!



Since we are “under” CDA contracts we cannot reveal  our projects but we collaborate with our clients in order to create the prototypes for them and then to setup the production line .

Rapid prototyping where tangible parts are needed in short amount of time is our expertise !



We trade only what we consider to be the best product for you!

Some of  the brands we trade are:

  • Pierobon
  • Spark
  • SC project
  • Pro Bolt
  • Ohlins
  • CNC racing
  • AEM factory 
  • GeKats

Over the past 20 years Nimateck has create some of the most unique products for motorcycle industry.

Passion. Precisely crafted.